Opscode chef install gem

Opscode chef install gem

Windows can't install into anything other than C:\opscode

Getting Started With The Opscode Chef Platform – Configuration Management gem install net-ssh-multi) to get chef Platform – Configuration Management In

Opscode chef install gem

ef - chef Re: Re: Re: fatal:Mixlib- listsopscodecom

indows_zipfile fails with LoadError with rubyzip 1. 0. 0 sudo gem install Successfully installed rubyzip-0. 9. 9 1 gem installed btm@btm-mbp-dev:~/src/chef

Opscode chef install gem

Managing Chef Cookbooks the Berkshelf way - Cloud

The chef_gem resource does install a gem, For keeping apt under control, I recommend using the apt Opscode community cookbook and add recipe[apt]

Opscode chef install gem

CHEF-3835 fails due to

. . wiki. opscode/display/chef/Installing+Chef+Server+Manually I've Installing Chef Server on gem install chef-server chef-server-api chef

Opscode chef install gem
Creating a Docker Container Host on Windows Nano
Opscode chef install gem

Azure virtual machine deployment with Chef

Chef Workstation Setup - Learn Chef in simple and we need to install Chef on the workstation using Opscode’s then install the Chef Ruby gem on the

Opscode chef install gem

COOK-1863 Install chef-client as a Windows Service

Windows can't install into anything other than C:\opscode fix every ruby gem or C library a gem might use Chef has issues if you install anywhere

Opscode chef install gem

ef - chef gem_package and --user-install

pscode-expander-ctl Use the chef_gem resource to install gems into the instance of Ruby that is dedicated to the chef_gem tells the chef-client to manage a

Opscode chef install gem

Bootstrapping EC2 Instances with Chef - Cloud

hef_gem chef_acl $ chef-server-ctl install opscode-push-jobs-server $ chef-server-ctl install chef-manage --path /root/packages

Opscode chef install gem

bygems - How to install chef-solo - Stack Overflow

Chef cookbooks are great, Managing Chef Cookbooks the Berkshelf way. Nitheesh Poojary 6 Jul , 2015 gem install berkshelf.

Opscode chef install gem

Getting Started With The Opscode Chef Platform

I tried following the directions at the opscode wiki, but after running gem install chef --no-ri --no-rdoc, How to install chef-solo. Ask Question.

Opscode chef install gem

Chefを使ってみる - 導入編(Windowsに環境準備) - Qiita

s-hardening Cookbook (1. 0. 1) Cookbooks; Opscode chef; Cookbooks: gem install test-kitchen kitchen-vagrant

Opscode chef install gem

Chef - Test Kitchen Setup - Tutorials Point

. . (. opscode ) which was Installing Ruby and Gems for Vagrant/Opscode/Chef on iconv …

Opscode chef install gem

Chef - Automate IT Infrastructure - Chef

. . Workopscodechefembeddedgem install knife-ec2. Temporarily enhancing PATH to include DevKit /Work/opscode/chef/embedded/lib/ruby/2. 0. 0/mkmf. rb:434:in `try

Opscode chef install gem - Workopscodechefembeddedgem install knife-ec2

Gross installationen bad hofgastein spa

:/opscode/chef/embedded/bin/gem install c:/chef/cache/zabbix. api-2. 2. 2. gem -q --no-rdoc --no-ri -v --debug. NOTE: Debugging mode prints all exceptions even

Gtkpod install ubuntu from windows

Omnibus Tutorial: Package a standalone Ruby gem. and like Chef, it's built by the folks at Opscode. Opscode uses Omnibus as the default install method for Chef.

Save valet uninstall flash

. . ShellOut::ShellCommandFailed:expectedprocess to exit \opscode\chefmbedded\bin\gem install Mixlib::ShellOut::ShellCommandFailed:expectedprocess to

Install java 5 windows 7 64 bit

How to set up Omnibus Chef Ruby on Mac OS X; How to set up Omnibus Chef Ruby on Linux; How to set up Omnibus Chef Ruby on Windows; If your only use of Ruby is because you want to write cookbooks for Opscode Chef, rather than going through the bother of setting up a full Ruby development environment via rvm or rbenv you can …

Install godaddy ssl certificate apache

Automating Azure virtual machine deployment with Chef. 05/30/2017; If your opscode paths are not in the correct order you will chef gem install knife-azure

Installare skype sul desktop windows 8

Chef Client 13. 8. 5. Stable Release | Current Release. The Chef client automates your infrastructure by bringing nodes to their desired states with policies you provide as …